Adult Ministries

Adult Ministries


After our Sunday service, while the children are in Sunday School, we offer a time of learning for adults that we’ve come to call “Adult Ed.” During this hour we offer a wide-range of topics that help us dig deeper into God’s Word, help us to grasp the issues we face in our society, and help us to become better Christians.

Some common Adult Ed lessons are Bible study series, video lectures, guest speakers, discussions about what it means to Christian Reformed, and members’ life journeys where we learn how those in our congregation came to Grace. These lessons give us insight into who we are and how we fit not only into the community where we’re located, but also the community of Christians around the world.


If worship is the heart of Grace, our Outreach program is our hands. The Christian Reformed Church has a long history of evangelism and of teaching and showing others God’s Word and love, and at Grace we strive to continue this tradition.

We are community-driven, both inside and outside of Grace—we as a church are continually seeking out new ways show Christ’s love and to give back to the neighborhood our church calls home. The volunteers on our Outreach team plan fundraisers and service outings for community programs and for people in need.

Because we are community-focused, all in the community are welcome when we help others.


Our members don’t just get together every Sunday morning—throughout the week different small groups gather outside of Grace for fellowship, Bible studies, meals, prayer, or simply for a cup of coffee.

Anyone is welcome to join our groups, they’re often based on common life situations and similarities—Grace has groups for families with young children, groups for empty-nesters, men’s groups, and women’s groups. So come check out the groups Grace has to offer and get to know our members and what they’re like Monday through Saturday.


We are a congregation for Christ, and our Encouragement program and its volunteers ensure that the bonds that hold our members together remain strong. We continue to enjoy old-fashioned, Midwestern church fellowship today—whether it’s coffee after the service, lunches throughout the year, or special seasonal events, we make sure that members of Grace have opportunities to come together as a community. And because we are a small church, the hopes, needs, and achievements of each one of our members is always recognized through our Encouragement program.

Our doors are open and our congregation is welcoming, so come experience the community of Grace.