Who We Are

Who We Are

Grace at a Glance

Grace is a small church, one that focuses on our connection with God, with Jesus Christ, and with the community around us. People of all ages are welcome to worship alongside us, and we offer ministries and programs for all age groups.

We don’t have a big production each Sunday—our services are small and simple. Music is an important part of our Sunday worship, and our worship leaders lead us through a mix of traditional and contemporary hymns.

We are always looking outside our church to our neighborhood and finding ways to help better it and the people who live there, whether they are Grace Church members or not. Benevolence and compassion are the cornerstone of our congregation.

If you join us for our Sunday worship, chances are you’ll be greeted often by our members. We want to make you feel comfortable and welcome in our church.

Our History

Grace Church’s beginning is a humble one. In a small home basement in 1957 down the street from where we are now, our first congregation met to worship in the tradition of the Christian Reformed Church. In the decades since then we’ve grown to be the pillar of faith and compassion that we are today.

Back in the early 1960s when our current building was completed, a desire for a new church name led our founding members to choose one that defined who we are, our style of worship, and what we offer to the community surrounding us. That name—just one word: Grace.

Over the years, our founding members’ hopes and mission have always remained a constant—our congregation, one rooted in Christ and reaching to all, continuously striving towards grace, and welcoming to all who wish to both seek and glorify God.